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"As a pharmacologist and practitioner, I was out of options for my wife's carpal tunnel syndrome, and her neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Moy was able to very quickly relieve a noticeable amount of pain in both her right hand and upper extremity. Seeing my wife's improvement, I sought Dr. Moy to treat me for a decade-old shoulder injury. Dr. Moy remarkably changed my quality of life as well as my wife's. I highly recommend Dr. Moy's treatments for any pain condition."

- Dr. Michael Szap, Nassau County, NY


Professional athlete

"I've played hockey all my life. It's my passion and my livelihood. The older you get and more games you play, the longer it can take to bounce back from injury or routine aches and pains. To keep me on the ice, I get regular acupuncture treatments from Dr. Moy. She is my go-to doc for anything that hurts and to prevent injuries. If I could bring her on the road to away games, I would!"

- NHL Player, Nassau County, NY


Avoided injections & surgery

"My neck and shoulder pain were so severe, I couldn't sleep. I was told by an orthopedist that if shots didn't work, I'd have to undergo surgery. Neither sounded like options I wanted. I was committed to Dr. Moy's treatment plan and now, I'm living life without excruciating pain and can do the things I used to enjoy, like biking trips. I'm very thankful I met Dr. Moy."

- Betty V., Melville, NY


Chronic back pain, Autoimmune Disease, Inflammation

“I've had low back and sciatic pain for years, and autoimmune disease for decades. My entire body was in pain every day despite taking biologics and my liver was starting to deteriorate from the meds. Getting out of bed lately literally made me cry. I heard about Dr. Moy from a friend and got acupuncture and herbal medicine. My overall body pain is 75% gone and I can function again. When my bloodwork came back, my doctors couldn't believe how my numbers had improved. I'm a believer and a loyal patient. Thanks, Dr. Moy!

– Eleanor M., Smithtown, NY


Neck & Body Pain

“Dr. Moy's treatments have led to the relief of tremendous neck and body pain that I had been experiencing for some time. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to delve further into the wonderful world of acupuncture.”

– Jordan R., Huntington, NY


Facial Acupuncture

"Joy is my secret for younger-looking skin. Not one person, except my husband, knows why my face looks so good. I stuck to her treatment plan and products, and they worked. Going for maintenance treatments is a pleasure and knowing no chemicals or injections are involved is definitely a huge bonus."

– J.P., Huntington, NY


Facial Acupuncture

“In addition to administering incredible facial rejuvenation treatments, Dr. Moy is an incredible practitioner who looks at you as a whole person when administering acupuncture. Her ability to truly listen to what ails you and diagnose you in a holistic manner is a gift."

– Val F., Hicksville, NY


Facial Acupuncture

“When Joy was a student in clinic, I made sure my schedule matched hers. Her treatments are incredible! Both body and facial rejuvenation treatments are wonderful and relaxing. She truly cares for her patients.”

– Liz M., Garden City, NY


Migraines & Stress

“Being an Aesthetics instructor, I easily recognize talent. I’m very grateful to Dr. Moy for helping keep my migraines under control and de-stressing me every visit, while utilizing smooth, painless needling techniques."

- Naaz R., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY


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